Even before joining the mastermind process I always knew that I wanted to do something different, something more than just average.  I wanted to achieve more for myself, something that was mine and not your regular 9-5.

I felt like I had the potential (somewhere), the problem was I didn’t know how or where to begin; how to utilise myself and my time effectively to see the greatest returns.  I was working hard, but not smart.

All of this led to much frustration which eventually manifested itself in a state of despondency and a feeling of, ‘what’s the point!’.  I was drifting - doing ‘okay’, but feeling unfulfilled and unenthusiastic about my work.  But, since joining a Mastermind, things have improved dramatically.

The process has been life transforming for me.  It has given me the confidence to implement my own personal and professional development programme into our law firm Parfitt Cresswell.  There are also plans in place to take it outside the company in the coming year.  But, most importantly, it has given me the initiative and freedom to go after, and do, what I love.  On top of this I am also currently playing an integral roll in the creation a new business - more of which I hope to share with you in the coming mo...

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